Sports Coaching for Kids

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Our typical PLAYBALL programs that run during, as well as after, the school day are designed around our usual format of  multi-sport classes and can accommodate a full class size group! These programs run the length of the allotted lunch time or after school time frame (35 min- 1hr). These lessons are run in three 10 week sessions - beginners, intermediate, & advanced, for each age group. Length of sessions can be flexible.

The children learn and explore skills of all types, from basic gross motor movement to ball-handling skills, sports equipment use, and the older kids learn strategies for effective team and sports participation.

Our lunch programs are designed to accommodate up to 40 kids in an energetic and recreational session which is non-competitive and uses basic ball and gross motor skills to provide exercise and skill-building for all.

Make PLAYBALL part of your school's curriculum

Make School FUN with Playball!

We can run programs at your school during the school day, at lunch, or after school.

Having PLAYBALL at your school is hassle-free. We handle everything for you.

​We send out notices to parents, handle registration and collection of all fees, and report back to parents on their child's progress. 

All our lessons incorporate our vision of using sport as the means to help children develop every aspect of their lives. For information about school programs, contact the PLAYBALL office at (905) 508-3553 or email us at