It is in this program that the children are actually involved in playing the sports. The Playball environment for this age group remains fun-filled and non-competitive .

Each child's needs are taken into consideration and this is still the perfect way for boys and girls to be part of the “team”. Successful completion of this program provides our “Playballers” with the skills and knowledge of the basic rules necessary to play hockey, basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis, golf and volleyball.

Matches are played and drills used to continue to develop and prepare of a lifetime of confident and competent sports participation.

Key Learnings

  1. Introduction to each sport and its basic rules

  2. Learning how to play as a member of the team

  3. Further development of skills related to the sports taught

  4. Development of more complex teamwork and strategies (attack and defence).

Playball Players! -
7+ Year Olds' Program

Sports Coaching for Kids

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