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About Playball

Since 1983 Playball has been teaching sports skills to young children. Playball’s purpose and mission is to lay the foundation for essential life skills, using sports as the medium.
As early as the 1980’s Playball recognized that what kids learn in the first 6 years will stay with them for the rest of their lives.
With this in mind all our programs and teaching methods are continuously upgraded and our coaches are trained to ensure that our young “Playballers” derive the maximum benefit from their time with us,


The Playball program progressively builds skills in children 2-8 years old. Each level of the program is based upon the skills and confidence that the children have acquired in the previous level.
All Playball sessions are: Non-competitive, Structured, Fun, High Energy and dedicated to teaching our "Playballers" life skills through sports skills.

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